Buch-Cover-150x213pxReaching out to People in Comatose States - Contact and Communication

This research is an extensive survey and the first explorative empirical study of awareness in comatose states and the possibility of contact and communication with comatose patients in a neurological intensive care unit setting using Process-oriented Coma Work methods developed by Arnold Mindell. Practical and ethical consequences will be discussed.

ISBN 978-3-8448-1407-1, Price: 14,90 € / e-book: ISBN: 9783844821734, Price 11,99 €




"In “Reaching out to People in Comatose States” Peter Ammann creates a balanced and many sided approach to working with people in reduced states of consciousness. He demonstrates empirical results of Process-oriented Coma Work with comatose people in the ICU, making this work important both for medical and psychological communities."
Drs. Amy and Arnold Mindell, authors of “Coma, a Healing Journey”, and “Coma, Key to Awakening.”

"Peter Ammann shows incredible courage to break new ground in bringing quantitative research to Process Oriented Coma Work. He offers research to validate what Process Oriented coma therapists have experienced in their work for years, and the validation will help open many doors for this work and make it easier for those who can benefit from this form of coma work to have access to it.
His book is an exciting combination of scientific theory, clinical research, and Process oriented psychology, and it is written in a way that is accessible to a broad based audience."
Dr. Gary Reiss, co-author of "Inside Coma. A New View of Awareness, Healing, and Hope."

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