Videos on Processwork and working with remote states of consciousness:

An introduction by Peter Ammann


1992 wurde Arnold Mindell von Jeffrey Mishlove über seine außergwöhnliche Arbeit mit Menschen in zurückgezogenen und komatösen Bewusstseinszuständen interviewt (in Englisch):




Literature on Processwork and working with people remote states of consciousness:

  • Ammann, Peter (2012). Reaching out to People in Comatose States - Contact and Communication. Norderstedt: Book-on-demand
  • IAPOP (International Association of Process Oriented Psychology) (2008).
    Deep Democracy - Where Fields Meet.
    Procee dings of the 1. IAPOP International Conference, London 2007.
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  • Mindell, Amy (1999). Coma - a healing journey. A guide for family, friends and helpers.
  • Mindell, Arnold (1989). Coma: Key to Awakening. Boston, Ma.: Shambala Publications.
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  • Morin, Pierre & Reiss, Gary (2010). Inside Coma. A New View of Awareness, Healing, and Hope.
    Santa Barbara, CA: Praege
  • Reiss, Gary (2004). Vital Loving: a guidebook for families & couples
    Eurgene, OR.: Changing Worlds Publications. (one chapter on coma work with families)
  • Rose, Ingrid & Kay, Ryan (2016): Doorways Into Dying: Innovative Teachings for End of Life. 
    London: Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd or KINDLE


DVD about Process Oriented Coma Work:

  • DVD: Process Work & Coma, Conflict Resolution, Extreme States (2007)
    This set of short introduction films aims to give an indication of the broad applications of Process Oriented Psychology.
    Starting with the wider potential to work with people who do not communicate with words, the section on coma describes some of the very specific techniques that Process Oriented Psychology has developed through extensive experience of working with people in coma.
    Following a description of conflict resolution work that has been carried out in the Balkans, the second film goes on to show highlights of an experiential session. This gives participants an opportunity to explore and deepen their understanding of how conflicts can arise and be resolved through methods developed by Process Oriented Psychology.
    Extreme States is the term used by Process Oriented Psychology to describe mental health conditions such as psychosis. It places such experiences on a continuum and gives people the opportunity to find meaning both for themselves and collectively.
    With thanks to Jean-Claude and Arlene Audergon for their guidance and to all the speakers and participants at the 1st IAPOP International Conference who agreed to be filmed. With thanks also to Arnold Mindell and colleagues for continually discovering and developing the whole field of Process Work.

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