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... is a special advanced training for healthcare chaplains and other professions working on intensive care units or more in general supporting people in withdrawn and altered states of consciousness.

Since 2008 health care chaplain Thomas Kammerer and I have been offering this intensive seminare at the "University Hospital  rechts der Isar" of the Technical University Munich (TUM). The seminar is organized by Katholischer Krankenhausverband Deutschlands e.V.

"Pastoral care beyond language" is an intensive training for healthcare chaplains and other professioins* in "Process Oriented Psychology", also called Processwork, by Arnold Mindell. It provides special skills and meta-skills to make contact, support and communicate with people in altered states of consciousness such as coma, vegetative state (also known as unresponsive wakefulness syndrom), mimimally conscious state, late stages of dementia or in the dying process.

In this five-day-training we teach basic theory on altered states of consciousness and Processwork, reflect the role of healthcare chaplains and have meetings to discussion with physician and nurses. Participants do many excercise in inner work and dyads in coma work and alsos hands-on application on the intensive care wards in the university hospital where the seminar takes place. Visits will be reflected afterwards in the seminar. 


  • Thomas Kammerer is a Catholic priest and healthcare chaplain, head of the healthcare chaplain team at University hospital rechst der Isar. He teaches spiritual care the Technical University of Munich to students of medicine. 
  • Peter Ammann, psychologist, UKCP (IUnited Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy) accredited psychotherapist, accredited Processworker (Processwork UK, London) and palliative care worker. He teaches internationally Processwork and is a faculty member of the Italian Processwork institute "Arte del Processo"

 KKVD cmyk v1 webIt is taught in German and organized by Katholischer Krankenhausverband Deutschlands e.V.


* = a limited number of participants from other related profession are welcomed to join the training. Please contact us.


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