“Out beyond ideas of right and wrongdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”

Dschelal ed-Din RUMI (1207-1273)


IMG 20151130 WA0004For most of us, relationships, especially intimate ones, belong to the experiences which are most satisfying and fulfilling and are therefore often the most important experiences in life. The more distressing and depressing it is and when this part of life stagnates, the fulfilment becomes lost in everyday life or turns into a place of intense and hurtful conflicts.

The magic which dwells in each beginning of a relationship and is often wrongly devaluated as seeing things through rose-coloured glasses -although it most of the time contains the potential of a relationship - grinds to a halt by everyday life and emerging conflicts.

Conflicts are part of a living relationship. They are the potential beginning of a deepening and more conscious relationship. The appearance of new and seemingly incompatible interests and moral concepts of two persons being in conflict express an emergence of difference and diversity in a relationship.

Relating is an inevitable process of change. Relating to the other (in the sense of being willing to enter the other person’s world, not expecting the other person to come to you) means appreciating and supporting your own point of view as much as also curiously opening up to what appears strange and unpleasant in the other at first. Relating is a lifelong development of awareness.

Unfortunately, past or current unprocessed personal experiences as well as limiting collective and cultural belief systems often make it more difficult to make that step. An appreciative attitude of being open to all voices and sides, deep trust in human nature, communication and relationship competence will make these steps easier and lead to deeper and more fulfilling relationships.

What I offer

You are welcome to bring a variety of issues to (psycho)therapy such as lack of communication, intense arguments, jealousy, affairs, sexual problems, abusive behaviour, violence, addictions, financial or work issues, family conflicts or ending of a relationship, to name just a few. These and others will be explored and approached with curiosity and deep respect.

You can come for relationship work in a couple or on your own, regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity.

I will support you to explore and deepen your relationship with yourself and to each other in order to achieve a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship. In other situations you may seek support in separating in a kind way and in mutual agreement.

My qualifications

I have had various psychotherapeutic trainings, especially in my many years of training for a diploma in Process Oriented Psychology by Arnold Mindell, and my 28 years of therapeutically working with people provide me with experience to support you with competence on your journey.

In addition, I have continued my professional development through trainings and regular sessions of one-on-one and group supervision. This provides state of the art facilitation to help recognise the continuous evolution of consciousness in all of us.



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