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Beyond Words - Communication based on Minimal Signals and Body Language


Beyond Words - Communication based on Minimal Signals and Body Language
Wed, 5. June 2019, 18.00 h - 20.00 h
International Institute for Process-Oriented Psych - Moskau
Created by:
Peter Ammann


Working with People in Coma, Vegetative States (UWS), with Dementia or in Dying Processes in Remote States of Consciousness 

Just because people fall silent does not mean that they no longer communicate, nor that they lack consciousness, or that we cannot relate to or communicate with them. As any anyone, a person in a coma, vegetative state, after a stroke and other neurological disorders, with advanced dementia or in a dying process, people need company and support. They go through deep inner processes of their lives and go through existential experiences in which we can reach out to them, communicate with and support them.  

Processwork, developed by Arnold Mindell, is an awareness based approach to individual and collective change and also offers a broad of theory and methods in working with people in remote states of consciousness.  

Beyond learning how to relate to people in remote states of consciousness you broaden and deepen your communication also with people in your everyday life!  

Date:                   4th June 2019, 7 -9 pm MSK time  

Online class:      the organizer of the IInternational Institute for Process-Oriented Psychology and Psychotraumatology Moscow will send you the Zoom invitation link  

Presenter:          Peter Ammann, psychologist, Processwork diplomate, UKCP psychotherapist (reg.), palliative care worker, co-founder of the Processwork Institute Germany and Processwork training therapist in various schools 

Have a look on the website for further information. 


You also will a short video on Processwork with people in remote states of consciousness:  

For the further intensive training have a look on the leaflet:  


Literature recommendation: 

Ammann, Peter (2012). Reaching out to People in Comatose States – Contact and Communication. Book-on-demand, Norderstedt 

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International Institute for Process-Oriented Psych
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