20170610 200342 AS IIPeter Ammann is a psychologist and a certified Processwork Diplomate living in Wuppertal, Germany.

Since 30 years he is professionally working with people. He internationally teaches Processwork and has a private practice in Wuppertal, Germany.
In his private practice, areas of special expertise include relationship work, symptom work, and coma work.


From early on as an adolescent he has been interested in the fields of psychology, classical and alternative medicine, and spirituality. His interest in subtle but powerful noninvasive holistic approaches started with practicing classical homoeopathy and later led to focus on body-mind approaches. He practiced and also taught for 18 years craniosacral therapy. His ongoing research of who we are and what drives us immersed him into C. G. Jung’s depth psychology and Jungian breathing work.
In 1993
he came across the work of Arnold Mindell. He was deeply intrigued and moved by the focus on awareness and perception and a philosophical basis that finally integrates psychology, dreams, the body, relationships, groups, modern science and ancient spirituality with a deep love and trust into human and collective nature.

Peter did the first empirical quantitative research on Processwork’s application in working with people in coma on the intensive care unit which was been published as a book (Ammann, 2012). With his background and special expertise he has been internationally giving lectures and trainings for all sort of therapeutic professions including palliative care workers, voluntary and professional hospice workers, chaplains and also relatives. He is the co-teacher of the annual further training for chaplains in Munich “Dreamland Intensive Care Unit – Chaplains between Worlds” which exists since 2008.
A part from that he gives workshops and teaches seminars on dreams, symptoms, death and dying, relationships, and conflict facilitation.

The entire endeavor serves to explore our deepest nature, welcome our inner and outer diversity, follow our unique and deepest directions in live in order to create together a better world where everybody feels at home.


Peter is a UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) accredited psychotherapist, accredited palliative care worker and member of the Research Society of Process Oriented Psychology (RSPOP UK), London and the Europaen and the International Association of Process Oriented Psychotherapy (EAPOP and IAPOP).


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