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Unleash your full potential

Overcoming challenges

Unleash your full potential for personal growth

Unleash your full potential for personal growth Life always presents us with new challenges. Sometimes they show up as inner experiences that we have emotionally, mentally or physically; sometimes they affect our experience in interpersonal relationships, in society or in the environment.

These changes can disrupt our usual existence and be stressful. We usually react with a more or less violent emotional re-action.

This conflictual moment often hits us so hard that our self-image falters and we ask ourselves: Who am I? Who do I want to be?

Understanding the challenge

Awareness matters

If we manage to rise above our reactions in such a confrontation and understand this experience as a challenge to us, we can initiate a process of change. This process leads not only to inner harmony and new energy, but also to an expanded development of consciousness.

Therefore, every crisis also contains the chance to develop one’s own personality!

trust all senses

Training your perception and mindfulness

Learn to trust your own perceptions with all your senses. Together we explore your experiences, which may show up in your private or professional life. These can be stressful feelings such as anxiety or depression, body symptoms, nightmares and relationship conflicts. These stressful experiences often contain important messages and opportunities for expanding consciousness. Through exercises in mindfulness and self-awareness, you can discover the potential hidden in these disturbances and use it for your individual life path.

In our conversations, we reflect on these processes together. We can explore your subjective experience of a symptom, dive into a night dream, or unfold relationship conflicts through role play. The focus is on your individual process and you decide how we proceed.

Joint journey of discovery

What you can expect from working with me

I offer over 30 years of experience in facilitating individuals, couples and groups. I offer my knowledge and experience to you as I guide you with open curiosity, deep compassion, and trust in your personal process. In our joint therapeutic work, I support you in this process.

Join me on a journey of discovery to yourself!

The path to yourself

New perspectives for your relationship to yourself and the world

  • Identify and overcome limiting belief systems to gain more freedom and self-determination.
  • Explore your most intrinsic qualities and resources and connect with them to unlock your full potential.
  • Strengthen your resilience to better deal with challenges and overcome crises.
  • Discover new attitudes and perspectives to positively change the way you think and act.
  • Recognize the messages in your pain and difficulties to learn and grow from them.
  • Deepen your relationships with yourself and those around you to build fulfilling connections.
  • Further develop your communication skills and conflict resolution skills to have more harmonious relationships.

How we work with each other

We start right where you are right now. You have the opportunity to describe your situation and articulate your goals for our work together. In a safe space, we explore your current challenges together, develop new perspectives and try out new approaches for your everyday life.

The new awareness you gain allows you to experience greater physical, emotional and mental coherence with yourself. The newly acquired communication skills and conflict resolution skills will positively impact your personal and professional relationships.


What you can contribute

Your motivation, openness and curiosity for the change process are crucial. Your willingness to perceive and explore thoughts and feelings will help us to develop your potential.

My contribution

Quality assurance and ethical standards

As someone who accompanies you in your development, I continuously work on my own personal development, to supervise engage in supervision around my work with clients and groups, and to and continue my education through CPD (continuing professional development).

Information about my education and training as well as my membership of organizations and accrediting institutions can be found on the page “About me”.



I offer my services only to self-pay patients/private clients.

I recommend that private patients clarify to what extent their private insurance will cover the costs.

My fee is 110 € per session (50 minutes).
You decide the number of sessions.

What my clients say

In the last four years, Mr. Ammann has brought about many positive changes in almost all areas of my life. I would describe his style of therapy as structured, solution-oriented, disciplined and perhaps even somewhat provocative. With great sensitivity, he always knew exactly when to take me out of my comfort zone and when to give me more encouragement and reassurance. Worth every single hour!

Jacqueline V.

Peter Ammann
Coaching & Facilitation
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Peter Ammann

Als Psychologe, Coach und Trainer ist es meine Expertise, Veränderungsprozesse zu unterstützen. In der Begleitung von Einzelpersonen, Paaren, Teams und Organisationen vertraue ich der innewohnenden Weisheit und Organisationsstruktur von Prozessen.

Ich unterstütze Sie, Vorboten von Veränderungsprozessen in Ihrer verbalen und nonverbalen Kommunikation, Körpersignalen, Beziehungs- und Teamdynamiken zu erkennen, begegne Ihnen mit Mitgefühl und ermutige Sie, fordere Sie heraus, an Ihren Bewusstseinsgrenzen zu wachsen.

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