Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Think in a new way, master your challenges and achieve your goals

Maximizing potential

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Benefit from a coaching process as a space where you are professionally and efficiently guided to discover your implicit knowledge, to think creatively, to better understand contexts and to maximize your personal and professional potential.

Develop perspectives on how to balance your individual competencies and needs with those of the environment as you navigate the tension between person, function, roles and organization.

Learn to use both your formal power – based on position, role and social status – and your informal, personal power in a conscious and beneficial way.

Continued development of your personal presence and conscious use of your rank creates greater satisfaction for you and others and supports you in achieving your goals.

Your Path

Process-Oriented Coaching

  • is a catalyst for your professional development and personal growth.
  • helps you to develop personal strength and integrity, which makes you more independent of formal power structures and prevents burnout.
  • puts you (back) in touch with your original motivation and supports you in developing strategies and sustainable solutions.
  • empowers you to stay centered in the midst of the fire of criticism and conflict and to communicate constructively with stakeholders.
  • enables you to develop a leadership style that inspires and motivates employees (managing down and across) as well as superpiors (managing up) to work more collaboratively.
  • supports you to keep up with the immanent change of your personality and that of your organization.
Prozessorientiertes Coaching
Peter Ammann

How I work

With over 30 years of professional experience in coaching individuals, couples, teams and groups and extensive education and training as well as continuous re-accreditation and supervision, I combine scientifically sound principles with experiential knowledge.

My solution-focused and process-oriented coaching as a “Professional Certified Coach” follows the core competencies and ethical standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

My coaching trainings build on the knowledge and experience gained in graduate programs in psychology and in process-oriented psychology.

I trust that you already have everything you need to take the next step in your development. Together, we explore the edges of your awareness to think creatively and develop new perspectives.

In doing so, we can discover that unimagined creative potential awaits you even in deadlocked situations or in tense conflicts.

Our process

How we begin

After a non-binding and free introductory meeting, we will discuss your concerns in the first session, agree on initial goals that are tailored to you and formulate a coaching agreement together.

An assessment of your personality profile and a 360-degree overview of your leadership behavior can be helpful as an additional tool in your coaching process.

Next, together we will identify your Paint Points and explore your growth limits on the path to greater happiness and the achievement of your goals.

Our coaching consists of a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to find new ideas and solutions. In other moments, you will be supported by knowledge transfer about communication as well as ranking and leadership dynamics. Observation tasks and training elements help to promote your skills.

What my clients say

We worked through many issues, both interpersonal relational issues with my partner of 20 years, as well as more recently with professional challenges that Peter encouraged a courageous and more adventurous approach to act bravely in dealing with and ultimately resolving complex cultural and embedded power systems. The sessions have always been open, sometimes playful, warm, spontaneous and always curious. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter

D. W., Managing Director

Peter Ammann
Coaching & Facilitation
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Peter Ammann

Als Psychologe, Coach und Trainer ist es meine Expertise, Veränderungsprozesse zu unterstützen. In der Begleitung von Einzelpersonen, Paaren, Teams und Organisationen vertraue ich der innewohnenden Weisheit und Organisationsstruktur von Prozessen.

Ich unterstütze Sie, Vorboten von Veränderungsprozessen in Ihrer verbalen und nonverbalen Kommunikation, Körpersignalen, Beziehungs- und Teamdynamiken zu erkennen, begegne Ihnen mit Mitgefühl und ermutige Sie, fordere Sie heraus, an Ihren Bewusstseinsgrenzen zu wachsen.

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