Couples Counselling

Relationships, especially close partnerships, are for most of us among the experiences that give us the greatest pleasure and satisfaction.


Free initial consultation

Take the opportunity of a short free and non-binding initial phone consultation (15-20 min.) to outline your concerns and questions, to get to know me a little personally and to feel if the “chemistry” is right.

Our well-being

Couples Counselling

For most of us, relationships, especially close partnerships, are among the experiences that bring us the greatest joy and satisfaction. Stable and sustainable relationships are demonstrably central for our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

It is all the more painful and depressing for us when this area of life stagnates, gets lost in everyday life or becomes a place of intense, painful conflict.

Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.

Dschelal ed-Din Rumi

the way to the new us

Relationship Conflicts

Conflicts are part of a living and developing relationship. They belong to it, like the “salt in the soup”. Even more: they are the possible beginning of a relationship that becomes more conscious and deepens.

The different and seemingly irreconcilable interests or values of two people that arise in conflict are an expression of diversity and thus growing diversity in a relationship.

Our joint work supports you in finding ways to get out of a painful polarization into a new we.

To Relate

The Other within the Other

Relationships in themselves are a program for change!

To relate means to set out on the path to the other within the other.

It requires both appreciating and standing up for one’s own ideas and values and being open and curious about the other’s positions and idiosyncrasies. Just because something seems strange and unpleasant to us at first, seeing it as “wrong” maneuvers us into an impasse and can be the beginning of conflict.

Often, however, unprocessed personal experiences as well as restricted internalized social norms make it difficult for us to be open and curious about the otherness of others … and thus also to discover it within ourselves.

However, with an appreciative and open attitude to all voices and positions in a given situation (Deep Democracy), a deep trust in human nature and some communication and relationship skills, such steps become increasingly easier and lead to deeper and more fulfilling relationships.

Being in-relationship is a lifelong process of awareness.


What else you need to know

  • You are dissatisfied, you miss lightness and joy and experience instead an increasing distance or even alienation and notice that you are thinking about separation.
  • Encounters, tenderness and intimacy are ebbing away and satisfying sexuality is becoming increasingly rare.
  • You lack perspective because you are both stuck in your positions, each waiting for the other to change.
  • Your communication is increasingly hurtful.
  • You sense jealousy or an affair emerges.
  • Your conflicts escalate more and more easily or even become verbally or physically hurtful.
  • External factors put additional strain on the relationship.
  • Couples counseling helps you reflect on ingrained patterns of behavior and transform them into more constructive ones.
  • It creates a safe environment in which you can communicate openly and honestly, address fears and disappointments, clear up misunderstandings and prejudices, and learn to argue constructively.
  • It creates a place where you, as a couple, can learn to listen, give feedback, express wants and needs, and overall have new enriching and relationship-deepening experiences.
  • It gives you relationship knowledge and skills to not fall into old patterns in challenging situations, but to contribute to new more satisfying interactions.
  • It helps you not only to learn to accept and respect diversity and difference, but possibly to discover the potential of diversity in them and to experience it as an enrichment.
  • It supports you to become clearer about whether you want to continue the relationship or separate, to understand reasons for separation if necessary, or to separate as amicably as possible, especially if co-parenting continues.

In my couples counseling sessions everyone is welcome regardless of origin, age, ethnicity, denomination, gender or sexual orientation (LGBTQIA+).

Language: Couples counseling can take place in German or English.

During my more than 30 years of professional experience, I have completed a wide variety of further education and training courses and have become acquainted with a wide variety of approaches to counseling, coaching and therapy.

At the heart of what I do I always use approaches that allow me to work ethically with my clients and which support them in the best possible way. Process Oriented Psychology according to Arnold Mindell, also called Process Work for short, is central for me, as it is based on an attitude of deep democracy.

The number and frequency of sessions will depend largely on the acute nature, duration, and complexity of your existing issue. Therefore, it is difficult to estimate in advance how many sessions you will need.

How we proceed will be discussed together. We start with more regular sessions at the start and then space them out as we continue once we become clearer about what is necessary.

Between sessions I encourage clients to put into practice what has been learned during the sessions.

Experience shows that 3-6 sessions are needed to achieve satisfactory and sustainable results.

Couples counselling takes place mainly in person in my practice in Wuppertal. More than 15 years of experience in telephone and online sessions show that this medium can also be a helpful form of support.

The cost for a couples counseling session (80 minutes session) is 165 €.

Since couples therapy and couples counseling are not covered by public health insurance, they are a private service and must be paid for by yourself.

What my clients say

Peter Ammann has made us discover new ways to use conflicts constructively and even come closer to each other in the process.

J.-U. M. UND M. SCH.

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Peter Ammann

Als Psychologe, Coach und Trainer ist es meine Expertise, Veränderungsprozesse zu unterstützen. In der Begleitung von Einzelpersonen, Paaren, Teams und Organisationen vertraue ich der innewohnenden Weisheit und Organisationsstruktur von Prozessen.

Ich unterstütze Sie, Vorboten von Veränderungsprozessen in Ihrer verbalen und nonverbalen Kommunikation, Körpersignalen, Beziehungs- und Teamdynamiken zu erkennen, begegne Ihnen mit Mitgefühl und ermutige Sie, fordere Sie heraus, an Ihren Bewusstseinsgrenzen zu wachsen.

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