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Do you want to ensure that your team works efficiently, maintains better communication and achieves outstanding results together? Then facilitation and team coaching is an effective key to success!

Successful Team

Working relationships and motivation

Good working relationships have been shown to be critical to satisfaction, physical health and team success. They motivate employees to reach their full potential and enable teams to successfully overcome challenges.

However, interpersonal challenges, such as conflict, bullying, bias, diversity issues, or power plays, can interfere with communication and collaboration. This can lead to a decrease in productivity, increased errors, increased absenteeism, and poor decisions. Facilitation can help reverse this process and unleash the potential of each team member, as well as the entire team.

Strenghteing team dynamics

From communication to self-reflection

  • Effective Communication: Communication is the key to successful teamwork. Facilitators create a safe space where team members can communicate openly and honestly. This reduces misunderstandings, mixed messages and conflicts, leading to better collaboration.
  • Strengthening team dynamics: Facilitators focus on developing a positive and resource-oriented team dynamic. By identifying the individual strengths of team members, they help create an atmosphere of appreciation and cohesion. This trust leads to improved team spirit, increased motivation and ultimately higher productivity and quality of work results.
  • Conflict Management and Resolution: Conflict is not only inevitable, but when consciously addressed and unfolded, can be a step towards healthy development. Facilitators are trained to address conflicts in a constructive manner and unfold their potential. They identify conflicts, deal with different phases of conflict and perceive diversity aspects and rank dynamics. From an open attitude for diversity (Deep Democracy), all positions and emerging roles are seen as meaningful and worthy of exploring. In this way, a new awareness emerges that encompasses more diversity and a greater sense of belonging.
  • Encouraging self-reflection and individual growth: Facilitators help teams look at their problems and challenges from different angles. They ask questions that encourage the team to discover new perspectives and find alternative solutions. This fosters creative thinking and innovation, which is invaluable for your organization to adapt to change and take advantage of new opportunities.
  • Development of leadership skills in the team: Facilitators encourage team members to discover their personal strengths and leadership qualities and to expand their skills in problem solving, decision making, communication and motivation. This creates a team that takes joint responsibility and achieves extraordinary results. So entsteht ein Team, das gemeinsam Verantwortung übernimmt und außergewöhnliche Ergebnisse erzielt.

Invest in your team

Create the conditions for greater satisfaction, motivation and sustainable success! Invest in your team and unleash your team’s full potential.

What my clients say

Peter Ammann embodies an attitude in which he accepts individuals as well as the team as a whole in their being with the most diverse topics and behaviors, is curious and in this way creates an atmosphere in which even sensitive and conflictual topics can be introduced and processed.

O. Sch., director

Peter Ammann
Coaching & Facilitation
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Peter Ammann

Als Psychologe, Coach und Trainer ist es meine Expertise, Veränderungsprozesse zu unterstützen. In der Begleitung von Einzelpersonen, Paaren, Teams und Organisationen vertraue ich der innewohnenden Weisheit und Organisationsstruktur von Prozessen.

Ich unterstütze Sie, Vorboten von Veränderungsprozessen in Ihrer verbalen und nonverbalen Kommunikation, Körpersignalen, Beziehungs- und Teamdynamiken zu erkennen, begegne Ihnen mit Mitgefühl und ermutige Sie, fordere Sie heraus, an Ihren Bewusstseinsgrenzen zu wachsen.

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