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Supervision is a professional form of reflection and an important part of quality assurance for people from medical, educational or psychosocial work areas. People in management positions, individual employees as well as teams and departments are confronted with new challenges in their relationships with customers and their everyday needs. Navigating a complex field of tension between person, role, position, concern, customers, organization and society.

Targets according to context and need

Some goals of supervision

In this complex area, supervision offers a proven form of support for professional work. Supervision has a variety of goals that can vary depending on the context and needs. Below are some goals for your supervision:

Supervision offers the opportunity to critically reflect on and improve one’s own work. Individual goals and challenges can be worked out and solutions developed.

In group or team supervision, conflicts can be worked on, new solutions can be found and cooperation with customers and within the team can be improved. The aim here is to promote communication and understanding between each other and to create a positive working atmosphere.

Supervision can also help to develop one’s own personality and to develop professionally and personally. This is about recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses and developing potential.

Regular participation in supervision can strengthen self-reflection. This is about questioning your own thoughts, feelings and behavior and understanding them in a larger context.

Supervision can also help to identify and reduce stress factors and excessive demands in a professional context. The aim here is to develop strategies for coping with stress and preventing burnout.

Supervision can also help to improve working conditions. Here, for example, resources and needs of the employees can be worked out and solutions can be developed.

The list of goals is not exhaustive and may vary depending on the context and needs. In any case, supervision helps to promote personal and professional development and to increase the quality of work.

The list of goals is not exhaustive and may vary depending on the context and needs. In any case, supervision helps to promote personal and professional development and to increase the quality of work.

My offer

Supervision offers:

Reflection on personal development and your daily work routine

In individual supervision of specialists and executives or the self-employed I support you in:

  • your personal development and the transfer and its implementation into your everyday work.
  • relationship dynamics in your own team or with clients.
  • challenging or stressful work situations (complaints, allegations, health issues, burn-out).
  • exercising carrying out your role and the associated diverse and changing role and rank dynamics.
  • changes in your career and career planning.

Space for the team

Team supervision is about the joint reflection of a team within your organization. Typical topics of a team supervision are:

  • communication, collaboration and working atmosphere,
  • conflict resolution,
  • crisis and emergency management,
  • perception and clarification in the exercise of different functions and roles,
  • dealing with demands from management, other teams or service recipients and
  • satisfaction, effectiveness and quality of work.

The topic brings them together

In group supervision, employees from different work areas or fields outside the immediate work context come together.

Here, the focus is not on interpersonal interactions, but on the topic they are working on and researching together, bringing your diverse skills to the table.

Raising awareness of one’s own practice

In der Fallsupervision wird das Bewusstsein für einen konkreten einzelnen „Fall“ geschärft. As a special form of supervision, it can take place within an individual as well as a team or group situation. It supports continuous professional development and thus quality assurance.


  • reflect on their own actions,
  • refine their personal perception,
  • expand their knowledge, skills and attitude,
  • understand the specific case and basic patterns.

Developing the meta-level and process structure.

Teaching, casse control, or training supervision is often part of supervision, coaching, organizational development, and more extensive psychotherapy training. Sometimes it is also called mentoring.

In teaching supervision, the supervisee brings cases from his/her own work to the session for reflection in the form of a written report, audio or video recording. Often the setting of live supervision is used, either on-site or online, in which the supervisee brings a client into the supervision and works under supervision with their client(s).


The individual sessions (50 minutes) usually take place in my practice. Team and group supervisions (90-120 minutes) can also take place in your facility or organization. In addition, I have been working regularly online or on the phone for over 15 years.

Do you have any questions about supervision, the general conditions or the procedure?

Arrange a free meeting appointment by email or call me at +49 202-7053322. I am pleased to meet you.

What my clients say

It was wonderful to experience supervision with Peter Ammann as a place of inspiration and access to new potentials and perspectives.

Dr. H. K., medical director of a psychiatric ward

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Peter Ammann

Als Psychologe, Coach und Trainer ist es meine Expertise, Veränderungsprozesse zu unterstützen. In der Begleitung von Einzelpersonen, Paaren, Teams und Organisationen vertraue ich der innewohnenden Weisheit und Organisationsstruktur von Prozessen.

Ich unterstütze Sie, Vorboten von Veränderungsprozessen in Ihrer verbalen und nonverbalen Kommunikation, Körpersignalen, Beziehungs- und Teamdynamiken zu erkennen, begegne Ihnen mit Mitgefühl und ermutige Sie, fordere Sie heraus, an Ihren Bewusstseinsgrenzen zu wachsen.

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