20161209 123003Process Oriented Psychology, also known as Processwork or 'Dreambodywork', was developed in the 1970’s and 1980’s in Zurich by the Jungian training analyst Dr. Arnold Mindell. It offers new ways to work with areas of life which are experienced as problematic or painful.

When disturbances such as symptoms, relationship problems, group conflicts and social tensions are observed and unfolded with curiosity and respect, then these experiences can yield decisive new knowledge for our personal and collective growth.

The roots of Processwork can be found in the ‘depth psychology’ of C.G. Jung, quantum physics, systems theory, Taoism and shamanism. Processwork is based on the conviction that the solutions to problems are contained in the disturbances themselves, and provides tools with the help of which individuals, couples, families, groups and organisations can develop more consciousness as well as more creative expression of life.

Process Oriented Psychology is engaged across the following fields of activity:

  • working with conflicts, dreams, visions, meditation, bodywork, movement work and addictions
  • functional or psychosomatic disorders or somatic illnesses
  • altered and extreme states of consciousness (psychiatric disorders)
  • deeply altered states of consciousness (e.g. people in coma or suffering from dementia)
  • working with relationships and families
  • conflict resolution with groups and organisations
  • intercultural work and environmental issues [concerns]
  • supervision and coaching.


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